Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Branding danger

A self-directed project which allowed me to try my hand at rebranding the Hazardous Materials department at West Midlands Fire Service, this brief took me to and from the drawing board more times than I care to mention... So I'll keep this brief.

The first problem comes with the issue of "branding danger". What these guys do is serious stuff, but is also about teaching and training firemen and women to avoid and diffuse dangerous situations.

The angular shapes come from the Hazardous Materials classic diamond shapes for identifying hazards, and the colours are (of course) representative of fire, with a cheeky flame shape thrown in for good measure.

Overall, the chosen logo is adaptable in a variety of colours and outlines, and an example of how it can be applied is shown below in some experimentation with business cards.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Gentletude Typographics

Finalised typographics for the aforementioned "Gentletude" brief:

The designs are created for smartphone-sharing, so had to be fairly simplistic. I added an interactive element by linking the designs into Twitter - the idea being that the hashtag would be a link, and a blog reel of these "thoughts for a better life" could be easily accessed and shared hassle free.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Time management

Something that I spend my time doing is working with the Christian Union at University. Being a designer, I tend to take on responsibility for publications such as these:

January - May 2013

I've blogged these earlier, but thought it'd be nice to see them all together.

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