Monday, 26 November 2012

SU Round-Up (November)

A couple of the things I've found myself doing this month at the Students' Union!

Felt this should be posted too, as I was not only involved in the design, but the event itself! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

R├ępondez s'il vous planes

RSVP is the title of an exhibition, put on by Graphic Communication students from the University of Wolverhampton, to be held in March. I am one of those students, and such, here is some stuff that I've been doing for it.

We can exhibit anything visual which relates to "RSVP", with the priority being on provoking a response from the viewers of the exhibition. However, this post will deal with the publicity surrounding the event. My particular version of this publicity reflects the nature of my exhibition piece... All you need to know for now is that it involves paper planes.

My poster design draws on the visuality of paper plane design - folded corners make the poster leap out off the wall toward the viewer. The blues reflect the nature of sky, which is an important aspect as it gives basis for the planes themselves.

I will post more on my actual exhibition piece at a later date.

Gently, gently

Third year hasn't lent me too many opportunities to blog. The workload is busier, and the work itself has been slightly different. For one, the first six weeks or so were spent brief writing, researching, and dissertating.

So, my first proper hands-on, design-y type brief was this one: Gentletude. Information can be found (in Spanish) here:

The brief demands a typographic response to the term "gentletude" - presented in such a way that smartphone users would be able to share the image, and would be called to live a life based on kindness and attitude.

From my research, I decided to focus on the religious ideology of "the golden rule" (do to others as you would have them do to you).

Clearly these designs are not complete yet, but they offer a graphical interpretation of the quote below them.

I'll keep you posted.