Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A marriage of interests

This is a piece of work created for one of the toughest clients I've had to deal with. He's pernickety, awkward, and expects me to work all around the clock.

Of course, I couldn't get away with NOT designing the invites for my upcoming wedding, nor would I want to. A slightly different design to things I often work on - far much more emphasis on prettiness, pinkness, and girliness, really. A bow was added to the final invites, which was tied around the middle to hold the other bits which went with the invite. Here it is...:  

Please don't spend too much time analysing - I'd hate my client to notice a mistake, or a way in which is could have been improved...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Threading some more

As well as working for the Student' Union during my time at Uni, I've also done some volunteer design work for the SU newspaper and radio team, The Thread. I posted my logo design-y stuff a long while back, but for one reason or another haven't shared anything else! Here a some bits and bobs that I've created for the team to use. The first is a Facebook cover, and the other two were designs for 60x40in posters.

I've also done bits and bobs for the website, but most of the praise for how that's looking is down to my good friend Ash, who also volunteers and maintains the site. It's at if you fancy a gander.