Thursday, 3 February 2011

Why? Just felt like it

My girlfriend is very talented in a number of ways, but art isn't really something in her arsenal. I'll stop short of posting the drawing of a house she did for me a few months ago (with a handy label saying "a house" next to it - very useful), but she has asked, several times, for me to post some colouring in her and I did last weekend.

With her not really sharing my passion for design, this isn't something we usually get to do together. When she suggested buying some of those felt-outlined colouring boards whilst out on Salford Quays, I jumped at the opportunity. A cheap night-in doing something arty - me all over. We justified buying them by getting one for her nine-year-old sister too, although it was we who were more excited by the prospect of an evening of colouring pens and felt.

Looks good eh?  She didn't go out of the lines once.

Here's mine, seeing as it's my blog and not Fi's:

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