Friday, 14 December 2012

Répondez s'il vous planes (2)

I blogged below this about the "RSVP" exhibition, so it seemed right that I share the things I've been creating! All follow a design palette created specifically for my exhibit.

Both these posters will appear at the exhibition. My responsive piece involves people writing things down on provided paper, folding them, and throwing them into my installation, which will involve a bin and some fishing-wire-suspended-planes. 

3-point instructions on what the exhibit expects of the audience

Instructions on how to fold your plane! step by step on the left, fold lines on the right.

Blog "banner" to advertise the event as a whole

An A6 flyer to be distributed to promote the event - details are on this side...

...and on the back, following the fold lines will result in the invite becoming a 3D plane!

The exhibition opens in March - anyone in Wolves who fancies coming? The private view is on the 7th March, and the exhibition opens on the 8th. Drop me a line if so, or keep your eye on!

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