Thursday, 21 March 2013

Growing a logo

As a part of a year-long project, I've been working on a semi-live brief which involves the promotion of a local charity - namely, the Wolverhampton Foodbank. I've mostly been working on a campaign strategy (which you'll see at a later date), but for now I thought I'd share the new logo I've been working on. First, the old logo:

This logo is a logo used by many foodbanks, and adapted. I felt there were many opportunities missed in the design of the identity here. I wanted to make sure there was a link between the old style, and the new, and so this old logo was a fairly strong influence on my "re-brand"

My interpretation is above. I took some of the same themes to do with nature and growth, but created something rather different. The two sides "food" and "bank" are connected in a smooth and organic way, and the addition of the leaf to this creates an apple graphic. The rest of the text is flowing, and represents the growth/vines present in the old identity.

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