Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Really poor quality photo of a single page spread produced for a children's book entitled "Moon Rabbit". Hopefully you get the idea!

Drawn in Promarkers and fineliners, to accompany the words "When the city became very busy, Little Rabbit would go to the park to read her book.". We were also asked to produce a double-page spread to accompany the words "Little Rabbit liked living in the city. She had her own place to stay, her favourite cafe, and so many things to see and do.". Voilà.

Again, poor quality (and quite small, so you may have to zoom) - but hey ho, every blog has to start somewhere. Overall I was fairly happy with my character and basic element creation, and with my rendering, but I struggled with composition. I'm hoping to scan my finals in order to produce a better image, and perhaps even faff around with text ('cos I quite like to do that.). Will post the results when/if this gets done!

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