Saturday, 30 October 2010

More animals

Due to popular (at least two people asked) demand - here's a flamingo:

Created by hand this time; sugar paper for the pink, watercolour for the blue, ink for the black. She needs a name though - answers on a postcard please!

I got a little carried away with my cut-and-stick and decided to make a tiger too. I decided I couldn't really resist creating my favourite animal, so here he is (again in need of a name):

I had fun accentuating the child-like nature of cut-and-stick. My initial sketch of a tiger was terrible, so it makes sense that the outcome of this was a little frayed around the edges too. Thanks for reading!

(Creating the tiger reminded me of a book I used to read at my Granny's house, called "The Story of Little Black Sambo". It was definitely one of my favourite boks when I was young. Here it is, along with illustrations:


  1. I LOVE the flamingo and the Tiger is pretty cute too. x

  2. I really want a print of that flamingo! :D Really like it :)