Saturday, 6 November 2010

Plantin seeds for the Futura

I've been busy this week. Here's why I haven't posted anything:

No, I haven't been to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (and boy am I tired of writing that!) - this is our super-exciting typography project. I realised my blog hasn't contained much of a purely graphic-nature, mainly due to the first few weeks not being very exciting. The above image is a flyer, completely hand-rendered, in 10pt, 14pt and 32pt Plantin, Plantin light, Plantin semibold, and Plantin italic. Yep, that's right, the type sizes had to be correct, the serifs had to be correct, the layouts had to be inspiring... I've done six so far, here's another:

Fun isn't it? Actually, in fairness, there's something very satisfying about the end product - it doesn't quite look as neat as a computer program could create it to be, but there's an element of friendliness that comes through; "A typeface is an alphabet in a straightjacket" said Alan Fletcher - here it seems as though the letters are attempting to escape their padded cells and embrace the world.

I have my fingers crossed that what seems quite a tedious task now will prove useful to me over the coming years. I realise that this has been quite a boring post, so congratulations if you reached this point, and tune-in next week where we'll be working with 14pt Futura.

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