Saturday, 11 December 2010

Two triangles, one rectangle

It's strange writing about your work. I always have the feeling that I need to make sure what I write is entertaining, witty, and that there aren't any embarrassing speling misstakes, but this is coupled with a sense of "ah well, it's not like anyone's going to actually read the thing is it?!". Anyway, I hope you do enjoy what I write on here (and by "you" I mean the people I assume don't read it).

I should probably get on with it now, eh?

I've had quite a few things to get done by the end of term - both for my "Typographic Fundamentals" module (bet you wish you were doing that), and for Illustration. I posted my type work yesterday, so today is the turn of the work produced for Lloyds TSB's "Art of Nurture" competition.

This image was made to support the theme of "We Succeed Together" - the idea that all the various kitchen utensils work as one to make this beautifully tasty image of a cake. This was firstly created by hand, before some jiggerypokery involving scanners and printers.

My second image made me feel like a true artist. I wandered into a group crit where we were to display our final ideas, and you can imagine my embarrassment when I held up this:

My speech went something like this: "Well, erm, this is my design for "We make it simple", and, well, I'm not sure, it all seemed too easy, and too... well, simple."

Amazingly, this piece of work, which to create probably took around 18 seconds, drew great praise from my tutors - probably the most positive response I've had from them all year. I found my self in the strange position of being compared to Josef Albers, Mark Rothko, and other such "artists".

Anyhow, I wasn't about to ignore the advice of people who work in the industry, so I will submit it as a part of my brief. For the record however, I definitely prefer the cake.

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