Sunday, 9 January 2011

"Make something difficult look easy"

As part of my contextual studies module for last term, we were asked to blog about a site/artist/bunch of bits of work we found inspiring/interesting/fun. I'm not a fan of blogging solely about other people's work, but seeing as my blog contains only my own work, this post should tick a box on my assessment sheet. (A quick hello goes out to my tutor who I know will be reading this at some point, hopefully the previous sentence will be taken in good humour...)

Anyway, I can do the rest of my post without witty or snide remarks (honest) because the site I have decided to focus on is one I love - one I was introduced to a few years back and one I frequently visit to gain fresh ideas, or simply to rest from my own work, and choose to appreciate the simplicity of thinking artistically... Drum-roll, please:

Daniel Eatock is based in London, and from the evidence on his website he's dabbled in all sorts of areas of art. However, it's not the aesthetics I find most interesting, it's the thought processes. This isn't a biography of Eatock, so I'll show you some of his work in pictures - you can make your own mind up:

Of course, the best way to get a feel for someone's work is to have a flick through for yourself - the website is more than accessible, in fact, the general feel to Eatock's work is that of accessibility. Included on the website are a variety of interactive works, where viewers submit their own responses to his work.

All in all, I find it great resource. Eatock encourages you to think in different ways, and challenges to some extent what we appreciate as art.

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