Thursday, 20 January 2011

Making art from mess

I guess my creativity kind of took a rest over Christmas - I busied myself with family, food and work, and didn't find the time I'd hoped to find in order to make some work. Because of this, I returned to Uni eager to create something, and that's what I've sort of done here.

Don't get excited (as if you would!) - they're no masterpieces - just a couple of images I produced whilst I could have been at the pub. I'd done these two sketches before I'd left for Christmas, and had wanted to play around with them as I liked how they looked. Here they are, poorly scanned in from my wannabe Moleskine:

Told you they weren't exciting didn't I? I decided to sketch all the clutter and bits of rubbish I accumulated on my shelves, and it made for enjoyable pencilmanship. I thought it would be a shame to leave it there, and so:

The clutter is emphasised by the busy and frantic black lines, and the contrasts in tone. I like this image - it holds its own due to the iconic nature of the clock in the centre (or not, feel free to tell me if I'm spouting rubbish - I'm used to it). After trying the single tone and angry line method of reproducing mess, I tried a different tack:

A much brighter, blockier approach - this shows a more relaxed response to clutter (albeit on a more organised shelf). I reckon this image captures me quite well, if there's one thing being artistic and messy in equal measure teaches you, it's to make your messes look good. That's what I think's going on here.

There you are, a small insight into my term-time bedroom. Be thankful I didn't draw the view under my bed.

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