Friday, 4 March 2011

Keeping busy

Recently I have been fortunate enough to have had real projects to be getting on with, in the form of publicity for a couple of events.

Firstly, I was asked by my mum and dad to design a flyer inviting friends and family for a joint celebration of their 50th birthdays, a party which took place last weekend. "Aha!", I thought, rubbing my hands at the prospect of caricaturing them... I wasn't too mean, it's not really my bag.

These are the two designs I sent them, and they plumped for the top one. The party was a strange idea (Dad was 50 last summer, Mum this), so it was important to communicate this in a way which was simple, yet interesting, something I believe was achieved quite well through the "nearly" and "and a bit" comments. The tag-line "Celebrating a Century of Life" helps add to this interest in a light-hearted way. The whole look had a digital look to it, with the characters almost avatar-like in appearance, so a digital, squared face seemed apt for the wording.

The second was a simple job, and one I didn't really have to do much work on - I'll post it anyway...


My flatmate's girlfriend graduated from Wolves last year from doing Fine Art, and is involved with this show, going on in London at the start of June. She provided me with the text, and the layout for the text - I was required to provide a backdrop, choose a typeface, and to draw attention to both the "Platform C" and "Emergent art show 2011" being a separate, more important ideas.

I went for an arty style by including a wash of pastels - this allows the text to be read clearly, but also allows for depth in tone. I suppose whilst I'm posting I should probably plug the thing - the website's (ignore the poster address, we had to get that changed) if you want to know anything about that.

I suppose I should crack on with some work I'm going to be graded on... Hmmm.

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