Friday, 11 March 2011

This is a post about an ex-girlfriend.

Well, actually, it isn't.

It's nice to have fans. Having fans was something I've never really considered would happen to me, but since starting this blog there's been a certain individual who compliments my work almost every time he sees me, often before a "hello". Great feedback to have, and I guess it makes me want to treat my work as something for others, rather than just myself.

Anyway, before this becomes some kind of acceptance speech I'll cut to the chase.

Above is a sketch I took at a recent acoustic evening, hosted in the SU. Do I sound odd if I say it's a moving experience to draw whilst listening to your subject play music? Probably, but it's true - must be a weird arty-brain thing. Anyway, if you haven't already guessed, the sketch is of the person I mentioned earlier, as he happened to be playing on the same night I decided to take my sketchbook.

I took the image, blew it up, and traced over with Promarkers, before adding detail with black fineliners.

It's a far from perfect image, I still struggle with people - but if it was 100% accurate then it may as well be a photograph. I enjoyed producing this - drawing was made easier by the fact that I appreciate Ellis' work the same as he appreciates mine (even if a great deal of his songs use "This is a song about an ex-girlfriend" by way of introduction).

Anyway, leaving behind the mutual appreciations and the imperfections, I'm pleased with the results here - a character appears on the page, and I may be finding an artistic niche in which to use Promarkers.

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