Saturday, 2 April 2011


Having a blog is a bit like having a pet. They're fun to play with, you get love through them, and yet they take effort to keep looking nice - whether that be cleaning out a bowl, or taking them for a walk to keep them fit (and to stop them breaking things in the house). After a while the effort becomes a little too much, and the neglect sets in, until you rediscover the pet, forgotten and dying under the bed.

Is it obvious I've never had a pet?

I haven't posted much recently (as that ridiculous spiel was supposed to tell you), and this is either because I've produced so much work I just haven't had time to blog it, or it's because I haven't produced any work worth blogging about. I'll let you decide on that one.

Things are slow at the moment - briefs are tiring, inspiration is hard to come by, and deadlines are looming (which invariably has a negative effect on the creative side of my brain). Ah well, there's always the sweet haven of typography, my newly found geeky obsession. Oh wait...

This is about as exciting as it gets at the moment:

To be honest, I find the layout sheets can often be more exciting than the finished pieces of typography work I've been doing. They're sketchy, colourful, and contain a lot more freedom than the finished leaflet here will.

The leaflet to is promote a charity who encourage families to walk more (yawn) - in order to benefit them health-wise. The main challenge so far (aside from the challenge of the wording being appalling) has been organising the text over twelve sides of leaflet. We can't use images, just graphic marks and lines etc., so it's difficult to fill the space and make it look appealing.

Hopefully I'll have more work to show for my efforts soon - once the countless doodles in sketchbooks buck their ideas up and become fully-fledged masterpieces. Until that day I'll keep scribbling and praying for inspiration...

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