Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Owning the words you write

I haven't posted much about this project so far, so here's a sort of summary post.

The brief is the same across two modules - promoting handwriting as an alternative to tryping/texting. In this particular module we were to design and produce two A2 posters doing just that. My brand palette uses the campaign title "make your mark", and encourages people to own their words, by handwriting them in their own style.

The initiative I was promoting was one which works to get people to write their own thoughts/stories etc onto post-it notes and then to post them up at "posting stations" (all fictional of course). This was my initiative across both modules.

Here's the folder work I've worked on for the last couple of weeks:

You'll notice the presence of the fountain pen in my designs - this project is being followed by pen manufacturer Sheaffer, who kindly gave us fancy writing tools to aid the project. Students love free stuff!

As you can see, the layouts all include similar colours, themes, and fonts (Bodoni... If anyone cares). The poster designs are quite simple thus far - relying on an iconic post-it to carry the information. Such is, it was hard to transfer them to screen - they lose something of their iconic nature:

(Bearing in mind that these are mock-ups) the top design works reasonably, but the bottom is far from ideal - back to the drawing board on that one for sure.

One idea I think is working well is the omission of the work "your" from the post-its - the impetus will be on the viewer to fill in the gap in their own hand. More experimentation could be tried with the post it itself being tangible too. I'll post more when I've done more!

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