Sunday, 19 February 2012

Desktop Publishing?

One of the design outcomes to be achieved through my handwriting project was to create a microsite with an in-built viral. The viral was to count for most of the grade, as we've all done microsites before and should find them "a doddle". I beg to differ...

Anyway, I'm not at that stage yet - these are just the files which will form each screen for my site:

But first to kick us off here's the obligatory "design-sheets on Phil's bed" image:

After setting up the designs I sketched out on paper I was able to put these together:

These first two screens show pretty much how the site should hopefully look - the post-it notes take you from one screen to the next, and, in doing so, a different quarter of my desk. The main challenges were to get each image looking coherent (it needs to be clear that you're simply moving across the same image), and the fact that my desk was grubby with stains varying from pastels, spray-mount and coffee. The first challenge was solved through lighting, and may be helped depending on the transition between screens. The second was solved with a damp cloth.

These second two screens allow room for the posters to be created in another module (the first screen), and for the viral which will be filmed once the microsite is up and running with buttons and the like.

This short vid shows how I would like the home screen of my microsite to look (ignore the classic art-studenty background music!). The user will be presented with the post-it, and upon entering the site this movie clip would play.

Hopefully this all lays some decent ground-work for the site, and connecting the screens should now be "a doddle"... If not, at least I've got a clean desk.

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