Friday, 17 February 2012

Ticking over

With my current modules it's been quite frustrating - we're not currently at a stage where I'm producing any final pieces for publication, or anything worthwhile blogging really. So it helps to have a side project so as to gain some form of satisfaction in seeing some final pieces come together.

These are by no means masterpieces (far too much live tracing's gone on for that to be true), but they are quick, attention-grabbing promotional pieces for events our Christian Union are putting on next week. At time of writing venues and speakers haven't even been finalised... But that's an issue for a different blogpost.

(A recycled poster design - not sure if I've posted this one before or not.)

Don't ask why some are different shapes to others - they've been through the wringer in terms of file format transfer...

If I had time to talk about these, I would, but instead I'm going to try and carry on organising them!

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