Saturday, 6 April 2013


I reckon it's always important to be aware of ways in which you can enhance a particular visual brand, and update the look and feel of a logotype. So, when we decided we wanted a range of new logos for sections on the Thread, I used it as an opportunity to refresh the whole look of the "brand".

The current "main" logo used.
We wanted iconic images to go with each section on the site (they're not actually in use yet, so this is somewhat of a sneak preview... yeah, I know that excites you...), and also to represent the newspaper and radio sections.

This gave the opportunity to slightly change the way we use the logo. The problem we've had with the logo above is its shape - it doesn't lend itself neatly to, say, a Facebook profile picture. This is rectified by adding a second logo.

The new set of logos - with a more rounded look so as to be more flexible, and fit into gaps the above logo can't!

Hopefully, both will be used alongside each other, just to achieve different things. As I say, these aren't in use yet, but will hopefully enhance what is already a fairly strong brand around campus, and make each section more accessible.

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