Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Phillustration takes a bow

This is my last Illustration module (everyone: "awwww"). I'm switching over to focus purely on Graphics - in terms of my degree work anyway. The experience I've gained from doing Illustration modules over the last two years has been great, and I'm happy, because it gives some of my graphics work an illustrative edge.

I've blogged enough about these spreads... Here are the very final ones. I'm happier with some than others, but overall I think I've made a decent fist of it. 

And just to test your browser to the max - here's yet more images, this time of the dummy book itself. Each spread was printed as a single sheet, so the back of page 2 was glued (spray mounted) to the back of page 3... And so forth.

It took me a while, but I began to really enjoy this project - especially when I began to have final images begin to take shape. I will continue to embrace all that drawing has to offer, but I feel I can no longer command the nickname of Phillustration. Shame, eh? 

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