Friday, 13 April 2012

Post-it posting (2)

I've been busy with post-it notes, and it's driving me around the bend...

Here are some of the more creative things I've been doing with them. Massive thanks to my housemate who unwittingly left her door open whilst she went away for the weekend. Hopefully she won't read this until she gets back...:

Brightens the place up, don't you think?

She loves milk... So we "drew" milk.

Here I used the title and strapline for my initiative... You'll see why.

It took a while, but the results are quite striking... Hopefully she'll keep some of it up. I particularly like the busyness and vibrance of the multi-coloured wall, and thought I'd use it - stemming from an idea I'd already been working with.

In order to create more of a uniformity, the image was flattened, and the colours reduced. I think this helps the image appears more vivid, but am aware that it loses some of its reality... The post-its are meant to look as if they are growing out from the centre - to show more and more people adding their thoughts. If you don't know what I'm on about then check back here.

I'm also aware that a landscape canvas may not work in my favour, and may experiment with having the canvas as a square... Still much to do, at least I've got plenty of sticky notes to annotate my work on! Feel free to help me annotate by use of the comments box below...

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