Friday, 13 April 2012

Some Snarks are Boojums...

A while back, I wouldn't have thought I would get to the stage where I'd want to post any of this work - this just goes to show what hard work and determination (or late nights and cups of coffee) can do for you.

To see the story and my explanations, check the label "narrative"... It's unlikely that I'll be doing much else under that title very soon... Having said that...

I'm actually quite pleased with how I rescued this - it's not brilliant (yet, I still have a week and a half and plenty more coffee) but I think I've managed to own it and give it an interesting continuity. Do tell me if I'm wrong, I'd love honest feedback.

There are 13 doubles in total for the book - here are my favourite 6. The others all still need a bit of work - but the hope is that even if they don't seem as slick as I hope these are, they will look more accomplished when packaged together with these.

For your perusal...:

The brief was to include two doubles which were worked up in full colour. I had too much fun ripping up paper in one of many rage fits which has accompanied this module, and so produced three. As you can see, the ripped paper is a theme - I used t to describe the scene of the island the characters are one.

Stupidly, it's taken me this long to begin really loving this project. Yes, it's been tough, and wouldn't normally be my kind of thing, but I've begun to really get my teeth into it... Good job with the deadline looming... Anyway, I guess that's a good thing?

I'll post all the spreads, the cover, photos of the dummy book etc. when it's all done!

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